Genesis Version History


New Features
• It is now possible to spline the implicit envelope contour
• Added an error message if there is a problem generating the block fraction using the fast method
• It is now possible to modify hole trace color
• Updated Geotic Importation
• It is now possible to transform a prism in GeoLine
• DXF Line importation can now import AcdbLine
• When importing surface dxf, if the dxf does not contain triangle, lines and points will be imported and triangulated
• Text field in the schema now have their default value to empty instead of -1 Corrections
• The operation remove empty holes in the enveloppes did not work correctly
• Pit Optimization limit did not always worked correctly
• Generation time for hole envelopes was too slow

New Features

• Added a dialog to control the skin iteration when creating skin envelope
• The logger can now save image directly in the database
• The mid distance in the envelope creation with empty holes is improved


• When merging two mineralized intervals, the tag was not kept
• Improved triangulation for implicit envelope
• Improve automatic creation of border for implicit envelope

New Features

• Added support for polyface when importing dxf envelope


• Hole name from logger was showing even when the collar table was invisible
• Temporary key did not work properly with the new web server
• After importing holes, the zoom extent could says extent are too big and it was the case.

New Features :
• It is now possible to display dates in QAQC charts
• Added a Drill Hole Log Report in the logger
• Added custom legends in docking panel for custom tables.
• Column Matching interface improved to better manage multiple file importation
• Removing Noise from Pit Optimization is much faster
• The envelope creation with empty holes is now doing a real geometric mid-distance
Corrections :
• The reading buffer was crashing with the new web hosting server
• The RQDS color table did not work properly
• Genesis crashed when modifying hole name
• The operation “Merge with last selected” is now not trying to combine with itself when we
select twice the same interval.
• The “left handed mode” for the mouse was not working in the column matching dialog
• The importation of envelope with special character was not working
• The parameter of dialog could crash with “ and ‘
• The update of implicit envelope was not using intervals without hole

Corrections :
• The calculation from the last deviation to the end of hole could be wrong.

New Features :
• Can now add an including or excluding prism in the pit optimization
• The stripping ratio report can now generate the waste volume automatically.
• The block model extraction by envelope is now faster
• The column matching dialog was redone to fix big memory leak problem
• Volume calculation improved
Corrections :
• The invisible hole was not included in the validation
• The block model was sometime redrawn when it was not necessary
• The importation of tables could crash when there was a calculated variable in the table
• The removing noise of the pit optimization was extremely slow
• Improved slicing volume calculation for multiple volume in the same envelope
• Opening a file in a folder with special character was crashing

New Features :
• In the plan (wysiwyg or profile) it is now possible to print histogram or curve along hole trace
• In the importation validation, the repetitive information on deviation at 0 and same information on collar is now removed
• In the importation validation, when data goes past the hole length, the information of the hole length before it is adjusted is displayed
Corrections :
• Importation with append only could crash
• The 3D display of Hole Collar did not work properly

Corrections :
• The window with variography components was not redrawn correctly
• The variograms was crashing when the caption was different then the variable name
• The reimportation of logger table was crashing if no table was defined
• The remeshing parameter did not work

New Features :
• Edition of rotation of the extension of the border of implicit envelope
• Added the symbols used in the variograms charts legend
• Added new symbols in the variograms charts
• It is now possible to have lag increment with decimal
• Added logger data in statistical charts
Corrections :
• Fixed unique pair creation for some case where not the correct pairs were created
• Changing logger hole color was not redrawing the holes
• Setting a hole invisible did not work
• The sorting of sections was not working well for sections in the root folder
• The creation of a hole section with a dip of zero was not working correctly
• The columns in the mineralized intervals selection list was incorrect
• The importation of pairs in variograms was crashing

New Features :
• Added a validation to check for prism integrity when linking prism with link all tag
• Added an operation “Set variable value” in the logger menu
Corrections :
• The section list did not show the folder correctly when there was sub-folder in the list
• Hole Name did not redraw when changing the position or size
• The extraction of mineralized interval by envelope exact did not work well if an interval was snapped on
the envelope but not actually crossing it
• The slicing on a section could not work properly
• The retriangulation of implicit envelope is improved

New Features :
• Logger, the dictionary field can now search for an item
• The deviation now has a field to set the deviation active or not
• The resource report can now display a warning when there is negative density found
• It is now possible to import assays certificate into the logger
• New triangulation for implicit model
Corrections :
• Logger, the table was not in the order defined by the schema
• Logger, Display 3D was using inactive deviation
• The structure was not set invisible when color was set white (Invisible)
• Save as could crash

• Planar envelope, the option “remove empty hole, was applied even when in manual prism mode
• Bm, the automatic creation of views could generate trailing 0 in the name
• The color for the 3D composites was not correct

New Features :
• The 3D composites are now displayed as sphere
• Added the functionality to project collar points on a surface
• Added 3D display of logger tables
• It is now possible to import tables with the option append and/or overwrite
• Added a button to get to the logger dictionary
• Added the possibility to import a schema from a CSV
• Fast edition mode for implicit envelope
Corrections :
• The intervals creation by cut off could generate non optimal intervals
• Bm, The fast creation method could be very slow and create wrong fraction
• Logger, Text field were limited to 255 characters
• Logger, Boolean field became long field after importing data
• Logger, the table validation before changing table was sometime falsely reporting change
• The assays were always redrawn, even if not necessary
• Sections in the section panel were not sorted correctly when there was a number in the folder name
• Corrections and improvement in hole importation

• Updated library for logger and implicit envelope

New Features :
• New edition mode for implicit envelope
• It is now possible to modify the position of bookmarks in their property
• Can now import a schema from a CSV
• Logger: Combo now popup directly when they have focus with tAB
• Logger: New section with user defined shortcut button to get to different table easily
• Logger: now open to the last edited table/hole
• Logger: it is now possible to close a hole so it cannot be changed anymore
• Logger: Added live validation to data, cell can become red with a error tooltip if there is a problem
• Logger: Added a warning if data were changed and not saved before closing or changing window

New Features:
• Stope optimizer is now faster
Corrections :
• The stope optimizer did not copy value in the final model
• Renaming an envelope could generate a fatal error
• Adding predefined variable when importing block model did not work properly
• Logger: keyboard shortcut in description field did not work
• Logger: Date field did not work properly
• Logger: Could generate a fatal error if not entering correct data type in a text field
• Logger: when selecting a hole in the table, some data were not updated

New Features:
• Logger: It is now possible ot modify the default value of a field
• Logger: Added calculated field
• Improved resolution of the real size cursor
Corrections :
• The importation of holes could set holes invisible and without color by default
• Using viewport was causing the application to crash
• The real size cursor in the viewport was sometime not in the correct size
• The importation of new block model or custom table crashed
• Logger: bool field was not showing any default value
• Logger: Special character was not saved correctly
• Stope optimizer small bug fixes

New Features :
• First logger version inside Genesis
• First version of implicit envelope creation
Corrections :
• The fast method for block creation could miss some blocks
• Wysiwyg parameter could crash in the block model parameter tab
• The block model substraction could crash when there is calculated variable
• The Boolean operation on envelope had a random effect on the resulting triangulation
• Pit optimization can now be cancelled with escape key
• When slicing an envelope on a section, the generated prism now has the envelope tag
• Importing data without creating a project could crash