Genesis Licensing

Available packages

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Genesis main screen

All Packages Includes:

  • 1 year of maintenance: Software updates and Teams/Email support
  • Training
  • User Guide
Genesis pit and block model screenshot

Level 3 - Ressources

  • As Level 2 PLUS :
  • Estimation of blocks model
  • Variograms
  • Kriging, inverse distance, nearest neighbor
  • Classification (several algorithms)
  • Optimization of pits
  • Resource reports
  • Machine Learning
  • Stope Optimizer
genesis stacked planar modelling screenshot

Level 2 - Modelling

  • As Level 1 PLUS:
  • Generation of Wireframes – Mesh Envelope
    • Automatic methods with Planar Envelope
    • Automatic methods with Implicit Envelope
    • Manual methods with Prism and Meshing
    • Manual Refining
  • Boolean Operation
  • Surface management
  • Image importation and drapping
  • Validation and volumes
  • Polygonal estimates
Genesis QAQC charts

Level 1 - Logging And Interpretation

  • Logger
  • QAQC
  • Statistics Charts
  • 3D visualization environment
  • Preparation of 2D-3D sections
  • Interpretation of mineralized intervals within drill holes
  • Interpretation of structures and volumes on sections
  • Planning of drill holes
  • Compositing of assays
  • Preparation of technical drawings for printing
Genesis 3D hole display screenshot

Level 0 - Free Viewer

  • Can open any Genesis file to visualize data
  • Import hole database from GeoBase, Geotic or Flat files to visualize data in 3D
  • Create and manage sections
  • Import Volume And Surface (dxf,obj,stl) for visualization
  • Import Block model, composite and mineralized intervals for visualization