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Geological Services

With over 35 years of experience providing the mining industry with computer-assisted mineral resource estimation services using cutting edge geostatistical techniques; SGS Geological Services is known globally as the expert in ore body modeling and reserve evaluation. We bring the disciplines of geology, geostatistics, and mining engineering together to provide you with accurate and timely mineral project evaluation solutions. We also offer a broad range of services to the mining and exploration industries to reduce risk and enhance value. We have the expertise to assist you in the following areas:

  • Exploration services including customizable software solutions
  • Ore body modeling and resource estimation within our own GENESIS software
  • Mine engineering including optimization, design and scheduling
  • Mine audits including resources, reserves, mine to plant reconciliation and technical due diligence
  • Desktop studies and Technical Reports (NI 43-101, JORC and SAMREC)
  • Sample Selection for metallurgical tests to ensure representativity
  • Training and education on themes discussed above

With over 1000 consulting projects completed worldwide, SGS Geological Services is well equipped to minimize your operational and financial risks. You can depend on SGS Geological Services global technical leadership to ensure effective solutions to your exploration and mining challenges. We have provided modeling and resource estimation solutions for a wide array of commodities including:

  • Gold and precious metals
  • Base metalss
  • Iron ore
  • Rare Earth Elements, Niobium, Tantalum
  • Uranium
  • Coal
  • Industrial minerals (bauxite, barite, limestone for cement and lime, salt, sands with titanium bearing minerals etc)

As part of the larger SGS Minerals group, we can draw upon our massive network of laboratories, metallurgists, process engineers and other professionals to help bring your mineral project to the next level.

Genesis Block Model

Geological Modeling

At SGS Geological Services, an orebody modeling project starts with a critical review of geological interpretation according to existing drill hole and surface or underground data and maps. Drill hole and/or sample databases are constructed along with all the quantitative and qualitative information available to build a resource model. Many tools have been developed in our specialized software (GENESIS) including implicit modelling, variable ellipsoids and “fast-mode” modelling. These features provide rapid and flexible modelling solutions providing the SGS Geological Services team with an edge.

Man looking at drill core

Geostatistics And Resources Estimation

Accurate resource estimation by a Qualified Person (QP) is an essential part of due diligence and is the corner stone of international reporting standards such as National Instrument 43-101 and JORC. SGS Geological Services is an experienced leader in geostatistical techniques and will ensure your resource estimations are completed with the utmost accuracy and integrity. Geostatistics involves the analysis and prediction of the spatial distribution of materials within the earth based on the concept that variability is predictable within a specific ore domain. One of the most important tools utilized to establish these relationships are variograms. The raw data is compiled validated and imported into our proprietary software to calculate variograms; these enable the characterization of the nugget effect and the inherent variability of data in specific directions within the ore domain. Careful construction of the variogram also enables various types of sophisticated algorithms to estimate grades into block models; including kriging (simple, ordinary, lognormal or indicator) and conditional simulations. There are several advantages to using these advanced methods of interpolation:

  • Retention of high-nugget samples during interpolation to minimise metal loss due to smoothing or capping
  • Reduce the overall error in resource and reserve estimation
  • Quantification of error and even the probability that a given stope or open pit blast of being below the cut-off grade
mining truck in open pit

Mining Engineering

SGS has a team of mining engineers with an array of experience which can ensure that your mining project is fully optimized with a production schedule to maximize your returns. We have completed a multitude of pit optimizations using external and internal software to help evaluate the limits of economic extraction and to maximize revenues for a given time period. Detailed and practical mine design for underground and open pit mines can also be developed either for a producing entity or for detailed technical studies such as Preliminary Economic Assessments (PEA), Prefeasibility or Feasibility studies. A dedicated software toolset has been established to provide scheduling solutions to ensure that target ore blends are respected or that metal production is maximized.

process development


SGS Geological Services can provide reports that meet the specific needs of the client. We can complete a Desktop Study which provides a conceptual resource estimate and estimate economic viability based on a series of clearly stated assumptions, along with recommendations for work that will enhance the value and reduce the risk for that project. This type of report can be used as a basis for decision making or the first step in a due diligence.

We can also provide Technical Reports according to international standards such as NI 43-101 (Canada), JORC (Australia) or SAMREC (South Africa). These reports are recognized in the international investment community and are a requirement for public companies operating in those countries. We have completed all levels of study from exploration reports, resource reports, Preliminary Economic Assessments (PEA), Prefeasibility and Feasibility Studies. Each supplementary level of study effectively reduces the technical and financial risk associated with the project.

At SGS Geological Services we have earned our leading position in the industry with our blend of professionals with practical mining and geological experience, world-renowned geostatistical knowledge, and by pioneering software technology. Partner with SGS and let us reduce your financial risks and optimize your mineral projects.