Genesis Logger

Core Logging Software

Using a modern and intuitive interface, Genesis Logger is a huge evolution from its predecessor GeoBase. In addition to storing the geological information in a structured database, Genesis logger use the power of Genesis to display your information in 3D and create statistical charts. Genesis logger is fully integrated in Genesis, no need for additional software.


Intuitive logging interface to easily enter your data with live validation to ensure the integrity of the data.


Customize your logger to your liking. A standard schema is provided by default, but you can add tables, modify table schema and add any fields you want.


Use dictionaries to enter data faster and ensure data standard. Default dictionaries are provided, but user can edit dictionaries the way they like for their project.

Import And Export

Import existing data from CSV, database or another Genesis Logger database. Import your Lab assays certificates. Data can be exported to CSV or Access database.


Manage your QAQC and easily generate QAQC charts.

3D Display

Use the power of Genesis to display your data in 3D and in section.

Drill Hole Log

Create Drill hole log in pdf


In addition to live validation when logging, you can validate data when importing or use the validation tool.


Data can be stored directly in the current gnft file for ease of use. Data can also be stored in an external access file or any database like SqlServer.


Easily use your data in Genesis for 3D modelling and Resouces estimation