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PolyCad running under the Windows platform is now at the Beta stage and is available for testing and evaluation. Please take some time to download it and evaluate it. Your comments will be appreciated. Download now!


New Windows program being developed primarily for cement manufacturers. Optimally blends blasts or stockpiles to produce a mix or clinker of given tonnage and composition (including cementability parameters like silica modulus, lime saturation factors, C3S…). Optimization is achieved through linear programming. Also proposes short term schedules (several days production) from an inventory of blasted material (with tonnage and composition). The first release version - Version 1.01, was released in February 2001.


This package allows you to compute statistics, histograms, cumulative frequency diagrams, scattergrams and variograms of sample/composite data. You can also fit 3D models to experimental variograms. You can also perform kriging of blocks or nodes on large 3D grids. Almost all kriging flavors are available including indicator (regular or nested), lognormal, cokriging. Geostat reads ASCII sample/composite files. Interpolated blocks or points can be imported into BLKCAD for visualizing and resource/reserve computation. Current version is 1.11. A demonstration copy is available for downloading. Click here for more details


Resource modeling by block interpolation. Last update (version 1.13) includes the production of complete sets of bench or section maps with block values, composites envelopes, mining figures and topography. [Dec.99] Click here for more details on BlkCad. A demonstration copy is available for downloading.


We currently support two Windows programs (in addition to GEOSTAT.LSP = library of AutoLisp routines for import/export to AutoCAD) :

SCRNPLT  : graphic utility to visualize any plot from other programs stored as a "plt" file. Last version (3.13) includes transformation of those plts into DXFs for import into AutoCAD.

DIGIT  : general purpose digitizing programs. Runs with any tablet with Wintab drivers. Digitize points or lines with keyed-in values/text attached to those points or lines. Export points and line data in text files with user-defined format.


Version 4.05 has all the functionality for section mapping ready. From a single project file, you can now produce a complete set of section maps (Plts or DXF files) at the click of a button. Version 4 includes complete management of RQD data, possibility to  of append holes, creation and management of composite data points used in 3D block inperpolation applications like Geostat and BlkCad. Click here for more details on SectCad. A demonstration copy is available for downloading.


Speed of drill log generation has been significantly improved in the last version (1.10) of our drill hole data management system with Microsoft Access 97 or 2000. Click here for more details on Geobase. A demonstration copy is available for downloading.


In the first months of 1999, we have completed a major slope stability and instrumentation assignment in overburden for an open pit gold mine. Based on that experience, we are now in a position to offer that technical expertise to other clients with similar projects. For more details click here 


 In March 99, we inaugurated a new two-days seminar on sampling in the Val d'Or office of Cambior. The course is divided in three parts  : 1- the practical aspects of sampling (sampling equipment, preparation of samples and analytical methods) 2- statistics for sampling quality control (experimental sampling variances, statistical tests for sampling biases and bias correction with regressions) 3- sampling statistical models for prediction of sampling variances (binomial, Poisson and Gy models, nomograms and links to nugget effect of geostatisticians). Click here for the course description.



The Geostat software is featured in a new book on Mining Software, "Manual de Aplicaciones Informaticas en Mineria" authored by a Spanish team of professionals lead by Mr. Manuel Bustillo Revuelta from the Faculty of Geological Sciences, Universidad Complutense in Madrid. The book is catalogued under I.S.B.N. 84-931292-1-6.

 The book is in Spanish and covers a wide range of commercial applications for both mineral exploration, mining operation and rock and soil mechanics. For order information, please contact by e-mail Mr. Manuel Bustillo Revuelta at





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